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A Study of Gallows on Paper

Fourth in a series that focus on the gallows, “A Study of Gallows” displays a day in the life of a gallows’ as a metaphor for the life cycle. Borocz merges his use of common objects in his art process with an individual 
take on gallows humor.


Earlier “Gallows” series are:
—"Lipton: The Gallows Book” an artist book collaboration with Robbin Ami Silverberg, which is both gallows shaped and contains numerous gallows illustrations 
— a series of mixed media on recycled wooden slots of vegetable crates,
— and a series of ink drawings on chicken eggs.


Design, binding

by Robbin Ami Silverberg,

printing by James Knight
published by Dobbin Books, NY 



"Gallows Madonna" bas relief
made of matches & gilding, etching
Edition of 10
7" x 7" x 2"





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