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Postcards from Waldsee 



Printed with Mark Atwood at Artist Press Studio in South Africa


Edition of 50 Stone lithography 13.5" x 17.5"


Domino People 





Ink on paper

9" x 12”


Böröcz organized an international exhibition about the Waldsee postcards. In the 2nd World War Jewish victims were forced by the SS to send home postcards from the fictional resort, "Waldsee", instead from their real location, Auschwitz, from where there was no return. The Nazis micromanaged the genocide of the Jews, and in this case, used the postcards to ferret out more victims and their locations.

Böröcz’s litho shows the imaginary camp life of the Domino People. Like the prisoners of the real camps who were tattooed & numbered, these people were reduced to the numbers on the face of their domino. He also made an ink drawing series about the Domino People.

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