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'Paper Clip' performance by András Böröcz at the book launch of László Moholy-Nagy's fea

Alma on Dobbin invites you to the US book launch of the facsimile reprint of László Moholy-Nagy's feature publication: telehor: the international review new vision, no. 1-2 (Brno, Czechoslovakia:1936) with accompanying volume of commentary edited by Oliver Botár and Klemens Gruber. May 24th, 7 - 9.30 pm Panel participants: Oliver Botár, Professor of Art History, University of Manitoba, Canada Klemens Gruber, Professor of Intermedialty, University of Vienna, Austria with Noam Elcott, Professor of Modern & Contemporary Art & Media, Columbia University Eduardo Kac, Professor of Art & Technology Studies, Art Institute of Chicago Film: Architect’s Congress, by Moholy-Nagy, 1933 Performance: Paper Clip, by András Böröcz, 2016 Film: Once a Chicken, hommage to László Moholy-Nagy, by Guy Madden, 2015 ALMA GALLERY 625 West 27th Street New York, NY 10001 347-237-1428 Hours: Tue—Sat. 12—7pm

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