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Bread Head Fables


Design, photo and binding by Robbin Ami Silverberg,

published by Dobbin Books, NY




Handmade paper by Dobbin Mill,

Black & White photos
Edition of 3
20" x 11" x 3"


The book requires the viewer to assemble the diorama 
that defines the fable. It contains a four part backdrop 
and a series of small framed photographs of bread head sculpture and of the Popieluscko Square in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The square was named after the Polish priest who was murdered in 1984 for supporting the Solidarity movement. Seeing and smelling the bread that lay around for the pigeons in the nearby square was the catalyst for using bread as a sculptural material. The heads, which have been exhibited in gallery situations, were now returned to their place of origin in the making of the book.
The bread sculptures were made by András Böröcz. Photography, papers, framing and box by Robbin Ami Silverberg.


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