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Good Luck 

Good Luck Exhibition 
2B Gallery, Budapest 2012


Pencils, wooden handles, drawings on paper, sizes varied. ​


In Hungary the two crossed hammer is the sign of the mines and miners. Böröcz's paternal ancestors were miners and as a child he spent a lot of time with his grandparents who worked at the mines in Pecs, southern Hungary.


The "Pencil Hammers" are made from found objects. The printed texts on the pencils are important for Böröcz: In this series we can see a Mona Lisa pencil from Austria, a Hungarian "No No Never" nationalist/fascist propaganda pencil from the period before WWII with the red white and green colors of the national flag, a "330 Lyra" pencil from Germany, a "Eureka" carpenter pencil from Argentina, and one with the text, "The Hebrew Hospital for the Aged in Brooklyn".




Böröcz also made three "Pencil Hammers" with framed pencil drawings attached to their handles about anthropomorphized hammers. The text on the pencils were the inspiration for the drawings. "Sunset" depict a group of hammer figures gathering by the sea shore at down. 


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