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Missing Labels


Designed and bound

by Robbin Ami Silverberg,

published by Dobbin Books, NY


Handmade paper by Dobbin Mill,

etching, watermark, photo

Edition of 5

22.5" x 12" x 3"


Missing Labels is part of an ongoing collaboration around "bread." In the genre of still life painting, bread often appeared as an essential symbol of life's sustenance. These breads were neither stamped nor dated, as is common for European and Kosher breads today. In this book, a series of still lives are presented in watermark technique in homage to this painting genre but surrounded by their missing labels. Starting points were both Vermeer's Milkmaid and the kosher label of our local bakery, Moshe's. The etchings, inlayed photos, photocopy and text add richness to this exploration of the phenomenology of "our daily bread."

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