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Open Books Series



Handmade paper on wood, watercolor & ink
Sizes varied: 8" - 12" x 3/4”

Böröcz created a series of ink drawings on handmade translucent paper what were glued on cut-out wooden boards. Observing these book-shaped drawings, they look like opened three dimensional books. Inspiration for this series came from Eastern European cemeteries, where Borocz saw many gravestones in the shape of open books, usually carved from marble or cast in concrete.

On the pages of these open trompe l'oeil picture books the images are anthropomorphized book figures in action, like the “Nursing Mother in the Library” and “First World War Soldiers in the Trenches”. Other subjects are for example, “Adam and Eve,” where the first couple’s bodies are made from Bibles, or the “Grandmother in the Graveyard” where the grandmother pushes a stroller with a book-baby among book-shaped gravestones.

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