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Pencil Birds







Constructed and carved pencil figures,
each on a base made of pencils  
Varying sizes 4" - 8"

Böröcz had a museum show in Percé, Québec, CA, in 1997. He wrote this text:
I carved these sculptures thinking about the birds I saw in Percé, the gannets or “Les Fous de Bassan” [meaning, the Fools of Bassan, in French]. It is what the local people of Gaspé call this beautiful seabird.
The unknown “poet” anthropomorphized these birds with this name. People have also called those who are different fools. Because I carve pencils, some think of me as a fool. 
If it’s true, in Le Chafaud, a visitor can see pencil sculptures about the fools of Bassan made by the fool of the pencil

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