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Saint Sebastian Series 




Carved pencils, carved wood 
The St Sebastian figures carved from a single 
pencil are circa 7" high, and the carved mahogany  "Saint Sebastian on the Tennis Umpire Chair" is 
about 4' high

In 1992, Böröcz carved his first pencil  Saint Sebastian. Here, the arrows were replaced with pencils. He saw a connection since the pencil itself is a wood object that is pierced with a piece of graphite. Most of the sculptures in this series are miniatures but there are two large pieces. "Saint Sebastian on a Tennis Juror’s Chair", carved from mahogany, shows  Saint Sebastian wearing high heels and is pierced with actual "MONGOL" pencils. It is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. His drawings of St Sebastian were published in "ÉS”, a Hungarian literary magazine.

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