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The Hanged



17 carved figure, heights 26"- 6'

Recycled plain wood


Böröcz met Daniel Carney, a composer from Baltimore, while living in Brooklyn. They decided to create an artwork together, a series of hand carved slit drum figures, hanging from nooses. They chose to work with recycled wood branches from the garbage at the nearby McCarren Park. Böröcz carved the figures, Carney created the sound, hollowing out the wood to pitched the drums. The process took over a year.
The Hanged piece were shown first in 1989 at the Bronx Museum. In 1994, a Hungarian art collector bought the piece and donated it to the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. 
He also commissioned a music composition by Laszló Dés, a Hungarian composer, along with a film by Hungarian director, Péter Gothár.

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