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Tongue Depressors



Drypoint prints

Böröczmade several series on the theme of "Tongue Depressors" and they were exhibited at the Uitz Terem Gallery in Dunaujvaros, Hungary in 1994.
This common object and its corresponding body part, the "tongue" were the subjects here. Another inspiration comes from language: the word for "tongue" in Hungarian is "Nyelv" and it is similarly used in both languages to refer to one's first language (mother tongue) and to the top portion of shoes. But, in Hungarian, the word "Nyelv" also has two meanings: tongue and language.
Borocz made drawings on actual tongue depressors, and did a series of mixed media works on large scale tongue depressor-shaped panels. He also did a series of drypoint prints on similar shaped plates. 

He made drawings on actual wood spatulas, created collages and mixed media works on enlarged spatula-shaped boards.


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