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Wood Bread


Handmade paper on poplar, ink, watercolor, wooden box
17" x 6" x 9"
Edition of 2

Bread has been the subject or material for several series. Wood Bread appears to be a loaf, which has a drawing on each wooden slice. Magnets are embedded in the wood to hold the bread slices together. 

"Although the Great Fable, and the tribulations of the bread-loaf-people depicted in the comic strip scenes on twenty-six slices of wooden bread, may be just as illogical as the images of a pre-dawn delirium caused by a stuffed belly tossing on broken mattress springs, let us drop our illusions! No Book of Dreams will ever consider as auspicious the image of a bread-loaf-man slicing himself with a saw, or a grandfather-clock with a pendulum made of bread dough, or a boxing ring where the bodies not only of the referee and the two fighters, but of a fourth, knocked out and suspiciously cadaverous looking participant, have half-torsos of bread loaf. —Julianna P. Szűcs, "Böröcz in Fabula" in Mozgó Világ, July 2011

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