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Drawings in the Mirror #1-20



In collaboration with gilder Judith Trezza


Scratched drawings in 22 & 24 karat gold leaf on glass, sizes are varied circa 5" - 12" wide







“Unorthodox materials are employed by Andras Borocz who works with gold leaf affixed to the back of glass from which he is able to scratch to create images. Rendering the detritus of a desk drawer or tool kit; paper clips, measuring tape, scissors a saw, gives these ordinary objects the aura of an illuminated biblical manuscript."


—Patrick Neal, "Forms of Life: Breathing New Life into Traditional Genres" in Boro Magazine & HIPERALLERGIC, April 2012

"The murky paper clip labyrinths scrawled on gilded mirrors, the bicyclists racing in opposite directions on machines with spokes welded together, the electric wires winding like giant snakes – not to mentions the saws, scissors, centaurs shod with horseshoes – are all explicit phantasmagoria of miseries awaiting humans. Small as they are they depict the unbearable lightness of being; the childish charm and surface glitter of the drawings best serve as hokum, in the face of an awareness of death."

—Julianna P. Szűcs, "Böröcz in Fabula" 
in Mozgó Világ, July 2011

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