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Figures in Bottles







Walnut or mahogany figures in glass bottles. 
Heights of the bottles 9"-16"

In this series, Böröcz extended the genre of the typical ship in the bottle. He constructed minotaurs, toreadors, and drinking bulls inside of milk bottles, and placed Jules Verne-like deep sea drivers into beer flasks. The divers are kept busy around the table, or they try to open smaller bottles with a giant corkscrew. They get air through a wooden cable, which pierces the cork closing their glass container.
Two groups have figures hanging inside wine bottles. The noose for one of them is the shoelace from a giant shoe that is located on the top of the cork of that piece.
Another series, “Haman and his Ten Sons “, consists of eleven ‘groggers’ (Jewish noise-makers). When the bottles are shaken during the Purim celebration, the hanged wooden figures, each with their name carved on their respective corks, hit the glass wall of the bottles and create a sharp clinking noise. Haman is hanging inside a large Kosher Manischewitz wine bottle.

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