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Large Pencil Figures


Laminated and carved cedar pencils 
and carved graphite heads 
heights : 5' - 7' 


When Böröcz learned to write in the early sixties in Budapest, his father wrote his name on his pencils, because at that time, they were considered precious.

In the early 90’s, Böröcz carved over a dozen large organic plant-like sculptures from several thousand pencils that he glued together. The catalyst was a desire to commemorate the army of trees, which were used to produce these tools. The hexagon shape of the pencil, which is commonly found in both nature and architecture, also inspired his work.
Some of the figures, which are between 5 – 7 feet in height, have small human heads carved from solid graphite. Graphite is a carbonized wood.

Böröcz exhibited his large and small pencil figures at the first South African Biennial in Johannesburg in 1995, where he represented Hungary.

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