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Wood Sculptures 1987-89

The earliest sculptures were made at the Banff Centre, in Canada, 1987, where Böröcz

received a grant and worked at their professional wood shop. After Banff, he continued to carve in Brooklyn, NY.


Böröcz’s wood sculptures develop out of both his drawings and performance work. Nonetheless, the material has always been important and he gets inspiration from the wood itself and the process of the woodworking.
These sculptures are either built together from different carved parts, like “Broom”, “Domino Women with a Pipe”, ”Smoking Chimney”, “Chess Tower”. Or, sometimes they are carved from a single piece of wood, like “Two Men in a Barrel”, ”Pregnant Woman”, and “Atlas”.
Components of these compositions are objects originally made from wood: like the domino, barrel, chess piece, pipe, etc., which Böröcz enjoys to re-create from that same material, once again.

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